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Infinity Black – Sculpture – Edmond van der Bijl

Washington DC interdisciplinary installation artist Edmond van der Bijl. 3d canvas on wall.

Wall Painting

Acrylic on canvas, installed Dimensions/Colors variable

Color Bars – American Psychological Association (APA) Conference Center Installation

Edmond van der Bijl: APA Wall Installation Project brief: Create a colorful installation for the main wall of the APA’s Capitol View Conference center. Introduction: The main wall…

TV, Black and White

TV, Black and White Acrylic on carboard Approx. 8″x 1′


Trashbags approx. 5’6″x5’6″


LVER Pink insulation material, clips Dimensions variable Empty retail store, Georgetown, Washington DC


Acrylic on cardboard
Approx. 3′ x 3′

Metal Shelf Hanger Sculpture White


White Shelf Unit, Three Ways (x)
White shelving angle units
Approx. 1’x1′

Metal Hangers Tower


Tower Shelving supports, bolts Approx 2’5″x1″

Metal connector sculpture

Equisses de Chasis

Equisses de Chasis Metal connectors, nuts and bolts

Meter Sticks Sculpture

Meter Sticks

Meter Sticks Meter sticks, metal dowel

Fence posts sculpture

Fence Posts

Fence Posts Metal fence bases