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Wooden Clothes Hangers – Spheres and Configurations

Wooden Clothes Hangers – Spheres and Configurations Wooden clothes hangers, cable ties, bic pens. Dimensions varibale

Sieves sculpture by Edmond van der Bijl

Sieves Expanded

Sieves Expanded Sieves, bolts Approx 5’x5′

Sieves Sculpture

Sieves Compact

Sieves Compact Sieves, bolts Approx. 4’x4′

Shoehorn Sculpture

Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf/Shoehorns Shoehorns, metal dowel Approx. 3’x1′


Shark Plastic fence material, cable ties Approx. 6’x2’5″

Sculpture Cable Ties


Full Nest Cable ties Approx. 5’x3′

News to me Newspaper Sculpture


Newstome Newspaper, staples Approx. 3’x1′

Rackets Sculpture 2003


Rackets Wood play rackets, wire Approx. 5′ diameter

Universo Wire Sculpture


Universo Wire Approx. 5′ x 3′

Wire Drawing – Heart

Wire Drawing – Organic Heart Red wire


Spider Cable ties

Pin Piece 2012

Pin Piece Clothespins, wire 2012 Thousands of clothespins are suspended by wire, creating an organic fur-like sculpture. In a petrie dish in a science lab, bacteria breed, wage…