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Snooze Ball Gif by Edmond van der Bijl

Snooze Ball Gif

I Think I’m Alone Now…

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Sun Moon – 3’x3′ – EVDB Contemporary Art

Sun Moon – 3'x3' – EVDB Contemporary Art.


Flower Fromage

Yellow Focus


Meter Sticks

Meter Sticks Wooden meter sticks, metal dowel Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2002 Wooden meter sticks are configured along a single axis, a metal dowel. The sculpture folds down flat…

Sponge, Funnel, Paper Sculpture

Paper, Sponge, and Funnel – Red, Yellow, Blue

Paper, Sponge, and Funnel – Red, Yellow, Blue Red paper, yellow automotive sponges, blue automotive funnels Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2002 Part of the 2002 University of Toronto Visual…

Plastic Clothes Hangers – Blue

Plastic Clothes Hangers – Blue Blue plastic clothes hangers London, England Apprx. 4’x4′ Plastic clothes hangers, blue, are intertwined into units and added to each other to create…