Microscapes – Opening September 7, 2012 7-9pm, Wed-Sun 2-7pm @DCAC
Clothespins, wire

In a petrie dish in a science lab, bacteria breed, wage war and grow on a microscopic level. A swimmer breaks the surface of water, while, thousands of miles away in space, a comet races through the expanse of darkness and planets slip in and out of one another’s orbit. The artists in Microscapes pay homage to these elegantly entangled phenomena through their work and practices, each one capturing the humbling and fascinating flux of the universe. Selin Balci, Joseph Shetler, Victoria Fu, and Edmond van der Bijl examine and re-imagine these biological, molecular, and interstellar marvels through hazy film stills, carefully wrought pen and graphite drawings, canvases colored by blooms of bacteria and biomorphic installations. By creating their own universes within their artworks, the artists in Microscapes acknowledge the often imperceptible and always evanescent quality of life.