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Animated gif by Edmond vander Bijl entitled Ball Hole Hill Morph.

Ball Hill Hole Morph

A small white ball rolls down a red hill into a black hole with an unexpected result.

Morphisms Series, Untitled M1150, by Edmond van der Bijl

Untitled M1150

Morphims Series, Untitled M1274, by Edmond van der Bijl

Untitled M1274


Watch the video!

Feeling Off My Center

Do you every get that feeling, like you’re a little off center? Love got you down? Check out this video, I know what you’re talking about! soundcloud link:…

Woodpen – 1′ x 1′ – EVDB Contemporary Art

See it in the shop: Woodpen – 1' x 1' – EVDB Contemporary Art.

Color Bars – American Psychological Association (APA) Conference Center Installation

Edmond van der Bijl: APA Wall Installation Project brief: Create a colorful installation for the main wall of the APA’s Capitol View Conference center. Introduction: The main wall…

Yellow Focus


Woodcut Acrylic on canvas Approx 5’x5′


LVER Pink insulation material, clips Dimensions variable Empty retail store, Georgetown, Washington DC

WPA/NOMA – The Lobby Project