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Sculpture Boulder Transform Gif

Sculpture Boulder Transform Gif

Morphism Series, Digital Artwork by Washington DC interdisciplinary installation artist Edmond van der Bijl

Untitled M1705

Morphisms Series, Untitled M1150, by Edmond van der Bijl

Untitled M1150

Morphims Series, Untitled M1274, by Edmond van der Bijl

Untitled M1274

Sieves sculpture by Edmond van der Bijl

Sieves Expanded

Sieves Expanded Sieves, bolts Approx 5’x5′

Shoehorn Sculpture

Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf/Shoehorns Shoehorns, metal dowel Approx. 3’x1′

Sculpture Cable Ties


Full Nest Cable ties Approx. 5’x3′

Pin Piece 2012

Pin Piece Clothespins, wire 2012 Thousands of clothespins are suspended by wire, creating an organic fur-like sculpture. In a petrie dish in a science lab, bacteria breed, wage…

Black cloud cable tie sculpture

Black Cloud

Black Cloud Black cable ties Empty retail store, Georgetown, Washington DC 2010 Black cable ties are configured into base units and added to each other, suspended from above,…

Big Blue Tubes Sculpture

The Big Blue

The Big Blue Blue electrical tubing, white pvc connectors Washington DC Dimensions variable Blue plastic electrical tubing reconfigured into a network creating an elaborate organic form. The name…

Monobloc Sculpture

Lawn Chairs / Monobloc

Lawn Chairs White plastic lawn chairs Washington DC Dimensions variable 2003 Plastic lawn chairs are reconfigured to create a skeletal structure of an imagined organic form.


Minipots Blue plastic mini measuring pots Toronto, Ontario, Canada Dimensions variable Miniature measuring cups from the pharmaceutical industry are reconfigured along a single axis to create an organic…