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Jumping the Void

Diamond in the Rough

Petals 2: Time-lapse Installation

Video time-lapse of Petals 2: Installation by artist Edmond van der Bijl on 4/14/14. For more info please contact me.

Color Bars – American Psychological Association (APA) Conference Center Installation

Edmond van der Bijl: APA Wall Installation Project brief: Create a colorful installation for the main wall of the APA’s Capitol View Conference center. Introduction: The main wall…

Timelapses and Photos from “You Don’t Actually Think…” Opening and Installation.

Photo: Matt Greenland Photo: Matt Greenland Photo: Matt Greenland Photo: Matt Greenland Installation video and photos for “You don’t actually think…” By Edmond van Der Bijl. Pizza boxes…

WPA/NOMA – The Lobby Project


Hexagon in Black and White


Fan Fan Pink insulation material Washington DC 2003