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Red Man Shadow Gif by Edmond van der Bijl

Red Man Shadow Gif

Sculpture Boulder Transform Gif

Sculpture Boulder Transform Gif

Space Ball Teleport Gif by Edmond van der Bijl

Space Ball Teleport Gif

Sun Drop Gif by Edmond van der Bijl

Sun Drop Gif

Worm gif by Edmond van der Bjl

Worm Gif

Headspin gif by Edmond van der Bijl

Headspin Gif

Morphism Series, Digital Artwork by Washington DC interdisciplinary installation artist Edmond van der Bijl. Red, grey, triangles.

Untitled M1721

Animated gif by Edmond vander Bijl entitled Ball Hole Hill Morph.

Ball Hill Hole Morph

A small white ball rolls down a red hill into a black hole with an unexpected result.

Racetrack Painting by Edmond vanderbijl acrylic on cardboard


Racetrack Acrylic on cardboard approx. 4’x 4′

Color Bars – American Psychological Association (APA) Conference Center Installation

Edmond van der Bijl: APA Wall Installation Project brief: Create a colorful installation for the main wall of the APA’s Capitol View Conference center. Introduction: The main wall…

Acrylic pizza boxes painting

Want Need Love Hate – Pizza Boxes

WANT NEED LOVE HATE Acrylic on cardboard Pizza Boxes Approx. 4’x4′

Unlikely Pair Painting 9'x12' Acrylic on Canvas

Unlikely Pair

Unlikely Pair Acrylic on canvas approx. 9’x12′