Hexagon: Video Tour
Video tour of ‘Hexagon: A new collection of sculptures by Edmond van der Bijl featuring the Hexagon Series’ opened on January 23, 2010 and will run until February 1, 2010. Artist Statement for the show: The common or everyday object is reconfigured, challenging the associations one might have of the object on its own. the resulting object puts into question its original functionality and proposes a new one: an object of aesthetic value. The process involves multiplying the unit by itself and results in structures that echo organic forms found in nature. A tension is created between the manufactured qualities of the units in their original state and the natural profiles they acquire as sculptures.
Patty Hat – Sculpture Study
Video notes on a sculpture installation made from straw hats, reminiscent of the head gear often worn by rice patty workers. Black and white contrast video, cropped, to feature the process of the object being reconfigured.
Newspaper Sculpture Study
Sculpture made entirely out of newspaper. The angle from which you see things changes everything.
Visual sculpture referencing the conflict in the Middle East. Part dance, part performance, part sculpture in motion.
Hexagon in Black and White