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Edmond van der Bijl, akamundo is a freelance designer and artist in Washington D.C.. He works with private clients, galleries, institutions and alternative spaces on a per-project basis, and is available for commissions.

Please contact akamundo for more information: info [at] akamundo [dot] com


Everyday materials are often overlooked. Our familiarity with them desensitizes us to their visual and physical presence as they fade into the background of our lives. We forget that they are there and that they have a functional beauty. Seeking out and reinventing this beauty is the guiding force behind my work. The process is like solving puzzles: you start with a series of simple pieces and transform them into a cohesive whole.


Edmond is a Franco-Dutch-American artist born and raised in Washington D.C. After completing the International Baccalaureate (I.B.) bilingual diploma (French and English) at the Washington International School (WIS), he attended the University of Toronto where he double majored in Art and Sociology, and minored in English. Since graduating from University, Edmond has lived in various cities including London, Washington DC, New York, Buenos Aires, and most recently Berlin. The motivation behind these travels was to expand his personal, cultural, and artistic awareness in order to create a solid foundation for future creative pursuits. sdfdsfsdf