Painting Pizza Boxes

Yellow Bee

Pizza box painting by Edmond van der Bijl
Yellow Bee
Pizza boxes, acrylic
Approx. 3’x3′

Painting Pizza Boxes

Yo – 1′ x 2′ – Pizza Box Painting

Yo - 1' x 2' - Pizza Box Painting by Edmond van der Bijl 

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Events Previous Shows Timelapse Video

Timelapses and Photos from “You Don’t Actually Think…” Opening and Installation.

9BhBebQyzIVCdagKPLLh9g7BeBacX1VSH0noxXNNwH8,ETJ27P-TRvWs7joIn0t_-uHVH7vKcYVV6IGyTECdPXM,pA5VYBHdDP3W_MCcy1SlOzrR8fImZxWjvSqySCa7H4QPhoto: Matt Greenland

HpyES4nV8Ofajk_6a7iWzCUYo015u8Mj2XjoOosGbX0,6utnzYUjRZX5WS4Xpl8UHEVphs-R2tQj6zKEQTdaZcM,bPv_-WdvOC_ApZ-0har4pWT9NnzolHfc7X3trFMH9isPhoto: Matt Greenland

LgXfW07M92Xlmn3yVKZ0ZYc2CqyP0OeCfMf_F8_gcso,K7UTVhN_tw3QQImhr-nad0UU1aliUsJJ1GJVYx57pPQ,4yDLwunZLg8urTU5j7h9SBMPDoW6s8rIjh9Vdgin4ug,DLYn13iQDdMTIG20Ze54523gi0GX_3nBqouCpbWREO0,8ln9xcRYalSIgYiLkRGIDtHDNUjQ1-C1_Photo: Matt Greenland

oHmYwLD1_hYghZGQ0xvBFQsSAS2ZBTZFSo0sq1PJ2Bc,Hz2_7py3zV-FaXKK_r5qywOfPkE_GLhp5keMOFJyp10,P3BmkaQoXQzZLoCfZGZuk-YtFiZn7ytBR1gzfXGmubQ,DMp2U0ry8QJRc8XiqZF60lGnqVeKjCr7MN0XAK_WL_0,Sjy4W0ku0gEa736qSEkGePOfHWEpEUt-0Photo: Matt Greenland

Installation video and photos for “You don’t actually think…” By Edmond van Der Bijl. Pizza boxes with letters carved out of them are configured into a grid to create the phrase: “You don’t actually think anyone is going to read this do you? Well, maybe at the opening but don’t forget, at the end of the day, this is just art in a lobby”.
The installation was created as part of the NoMa “Lobby Project” with the WPA and DC Office of Planning.

1200 First St. NE DC
Open till. March 1st 2014

Painting Pizza Boxes

All Bark And No Bite – Pizza Boxes



All Bark and No Bite
Acrylic on cardboard pizza boxes
Approx. 4’x4′